Providing Business Mailing Services – Direct Mail Campaigns for Every Size Business.

Types of Direct Mailings

At New England Professional Systems we can handle a wide variety of projects from the mailing of cards to complicated projects with multiple personalized pieces being inserted into envelopes.

Some of the many types of self-mailers we can mail includes;

  • folded flyers
  • multi-page newsletters with stapled bindings
  • small mailers or postcards to large catalogs.

Not only do we process these types of mailings, but we keep up with the ever changing postal regulations to make sure your project is done correctly and will be delivered seamlessly by the Post Office.

Our automated inserting equipment can handle envelopes from a #7 size (get actual dimensions) up to a 9 X 12 inch envelope.

Mail Class Options

There are many ways to process your mail for the Post Office.  With our specialized software, we can sort your mail so that it qualifies for the best possible postage discounts.

The major categories include Presorted First Class (discounts up to 23% for letters), Presorted Standard (discounts up to 46% for letters), Non-profit, for organizations who have been granted non-profit status from the IRS and the Post Office (discounts up to 70% for letters).

Other categories of mail that we handle are Bound Printed Matter for heavier material, Media mail, and periodicals.


We handle direct mailing projects of all sizes.  Typically the quantities run from about 1,000 to 100,000, however we are happy to handle mailings of any size, from a few hundred pieces to half a million or more.

Direct Mail Turnaround Time

With our modern equipment and dedicated staff, we are able to turn most mailings around in one to three days.  Of course some larger and more complicated projects can take a few days more.  Whether your project is large or small, we will make sure it has the highest quality and quickest turn time possible.

Printing Partners

Do you need your project printed before you mail it?
We can handle that too.  Besides our high speed laser printers and color digital capabilities, we have a network of printing partners across eastern Massachusetts who can handle any printing project you may have.  All with great speed and quality and at a competitive price. Learn more about our mailing and printing services

Mail List Brokering

Your mailing list is the most important part of your job.  Not only can we take your in-house mailing list and clean it up so that your addresses are deliverable, we can also obtain a wide variety of lists to meet your direct marketing needs.

We have access to consumer lists, business lists and even lists of physicians or lawyers.  These lists can be selected with a number of different criteria such as geography, home values, estimated age, and many more.  All of these will help you better target your prospective customers.