Targeted Mailing List

At NEPS mailhouse, we can provide Targeted Mailing Lists to fit your needs.
You define who you want to target in your next campaign and how many people you want to reach and we will take it from there. If you are not sure who you want to target, there are a wide variety of selections available by geography, home values, estimated age, and many more. We would be happy to walk you through the process to select the best targets for your needs.

Here’s a small sample of what types of mailing lists we can provide:

  • New Homeowners
  • Business Lists
  • Consumer Lists
  • Resident/Occupant Lists
  • AMA Medical Lists

The advantages to working with NEPS for your Mailing list needs are:

  1. If you are not sure who you want to target, we will take the time to explore your options and help you zero in on your target.
  2. Merge purge and suppression can be done before you rent your list, so you only pay for usable names.
  3. Competitive pricing from multiple sources.

MA Mailing List Service

Our full service mailing company can provide mass mailing lists to companies in the Boston area who are looking to send mass mailers or other direct mailings to specific customers in Massachusetts. If you need a mail list provider for your next direct mailing project, look no further.