Mail Processing and Printing Services

To maximize the effectiveness of your mailings, we provide a complete range of processing services from computerized list selection to machine inserting, labeling, and postage stamping.

Some of our direct mailing services include:

Ink Jet Addressing

At NEPS we have several state of the art ink jet addressing systems. These allow us to apply high quality addresses using the font you request. Our systems can spray onto almost any substrate you may provide. We use both water based and non-water based inks. Some specialty coatings may make ink jet addressing impossible. (see Pressure Sensitive labeling) Contact us for more information.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling

When you have materials that have a dark background, are coated with varnish or UV based materials, then pressure sensitive labels may be the answer. NEPS can print out the labels and apply them by machine to your mailer. Contact us for more information.


At NEPS we have the ability to insert up to 6 pieces at a time by machine. Our inserters can take envelopes from a size 7 (3.75” X 6.75”) up to a 10” X 13” booklet. Some envelopes can not be done on a machine. Those include catalog style, wedding invitation, Tyvek type envelopes. In those cases NEPS has the ability to collate and insert materials in our bindery by hand. Contact us for more information.

Postage Stamping

Sometimes you want your mail to have a more personalized look on the outside of the package. At NEPS our solution to that problem is to apply a postage stamp directly onto your mail. We can affix Non-profit, presorted standard, presorted first class, and first class stamps all by machine. Contact us for more information.


Many statement type mailers are printed on continuous feed forms. Often these forms need to be separated into the individual pieces (bursting), and it may be that one or two pages have to be separated from the other parts. NEPS has automatic bursting and decollating capabilities. Contact us for more information.


At NEPS our high speed folders make folding a dream. No more sitting at your desk hand folding a bunch of inserts to go into an envelope. Our right angle attachment for multiple folds and our gatefold attachment for slitting and nesting in a single step can help to save you time and money. We can make your job go quickly and painlessly. Contact us for more information.


The Post Office allows mailers to prepare the mail in specific ways to obtain major postage discounts.
One of the requirements for getting these discounts is that all self-mailers (no envelope) must be sealed shut. At NEPS we have high speed tabbing equipment to close your self-mailers. Our standard tab is a 1.5 inch glassine paper tab so it meets all Post Office rules and does not cover the print on your mailpiece. Contact us for more information


You may have spent a lot of money to design and print a beautiful piece of mail. It is something that is going to pull your customer in. The last thing you want to do is put it in an envelope. NEPS has your solution; polybagging. We use only US Post Office approved polyethylene, and we form the bag around your piece. Contact us for more information.